TxDOT warns drivers to prepare for major closures on I-10

Crews demoed a portion of Pasisano Drive ramp at Sunland Park in January (image courtesy of TxDOT)

The Texas Department of Transportation scheduled major closures in West El Paso as part of the GO10 project for Thursday and Sunday.

The reconstruction project of Interstate 10 between the Executive Center Boulevard and North Mesa Street exits started in April 2015, and is expected to be complete in 2019.

As the project advances into a new phase more closures and complete shutdowns of the interstate are necessary for crews to work safely.

Thursday night and Sunday drivers should prepare for the following closures:

  • I-10 will be closed in both directions from 9 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Friday.
  • Westbound the interstate will close completely between Executive Center Boulevard and Sunland Park Drive.
  • Eastbound the interstate will close completely between North Mesa Street and Executive Center Boulevard.

The Paisano Drive entrance ramp to I-10 Eastbound near auto dealerships in the area will also close along with all access points between Sunland Park Drive and Paisano Drive.
TxDOT said traffic on I-10 will be detoured through North Mesa Street to the next available I-10 entrance ramp.

People living nearby the closure tell KFOX14 it’s frustrating to hear the traffic that gets diverted through their neighborhoods this late.

"You can hear the semi's in the middle of the night. I feel very badly for those guys because they have to redirect whatever cargo they are carrying. And also it messes up the streets. The city streets,” said Janet Monteros, who lives near Sunland Park and Mesa.

"Basically my room is on the other side near Sunland Park. I can still hear the noise from the semis, like the honking and everything,” said Dennise Munoz, who lives near Sunland Park and Mesa.

"I guess because they have to like get off of Sunland Park and get off right here, so like I can hear the semis. So that wakes me up in the middle of the night," she said.

"With a baby in the car, it's certainly not easy. But what choice do we have living where we live? We have no other route,” said neighbor Phillip Borschow, who has a newborn.

"At this point, get it done and get it finished. The people around here, that's all we want," Borschow said.

"We can't really move around or exit to our main streets to go to our main roads,” said neighbor Saul Herrera.

“But I’m completely in favor. We needed this here. It was time for an update," Herrera said.

Sunday crews will gear up for a 27-hour closure on I-10 to reconfigure the traffic lanes of I-10 Westbound and demolishing the I-10 Westbound overpass at North Mesa Street.

The closure will start at 3 a.m. Sunday and end Monday at 6 a.m. I-10 will close between Resler Drive and the North Mesa Street overpass.

"So the problem with all of this is what I fear, the coordination of the streetlights. You have people backed up in the middle of an intersection,” Monteros said.

For updates on these closures and current road conditions follow @KFOXTraffic .

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