TXDOT to shut down interstate in East El Paso for repairs

The Texas Department of Transportation will shut down westbound I-10 from Lee Trevino to Lomaland from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday for spalling repairs.

Although the closure is only about a half-mile stretch on I-10, it is a major thoroughfare for those traveling from East El Paso and heading west on the interstate.

Drivers should prepare for major delays, avoid the area and consider taking alternate routes, including the Border Highway, Loop 375 to Spur 601 or around to Transmountain as well as Montana Avenue.

TXDOT told KFOX14 that crews frequently do spalling repairs throughout the city. Rain affects the pavement and recent storms and water accumulation have been destructive.

"We are constantly identifying or being alerted to areas that need attention. We consider those emergency repairs, so as soon as we can, we get out there, cut out the affected section of pavement and replace it," said Jennifer Wright, TXDOT public affairs officer.

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