Preventing damage to your car after driving through flooded roads

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas - With monsoon season comes high water and while it's dangerous for your life to travel through the flood, it can also damage your car.
El Paso has experienced its own share of flooding when severe weather hits if drivers come across rising water, you may want to think twice about driving across it.
"It can lead to a major disaster," said CJ Aguirre, CJ's Metro Automotive Owner.
Some drivers may think they're saving time cutting across the water but in the end it can cause harm to your vehicle.
"If you do that you have a pretty good chance of ruining the engine. You're going to be bending rods," said Aguirre.
Aguirre said the best rule of thumb is to check the curb.
"It's best just to never go through deep water if you can't see the curb," Aguirre said.
There are certain ways the water can get to your engine.
"If you start going faster than 25 or 35 miles per hour, you're splashing too much water under the vehicle," Aguirre said.
Water can also get inside through other parts.
"It sometimes catches on the vent pipe which can lead to transmission failure," Aguirre said.
Aguirre said try and get your car checked after driving through high water.
"Get an oil change, inspect all your belts, make sure that there's no moisture in the intake manifold. Check the differential fluid and make sure there's no moisture in there," Aguirre said.
He said if you check your transmission fluid and it looks the color of strawberry milk, it has water in it.
The best time to check your car, according to Aguirre, is a day or two after you exposed it to water.
If it isn't checked and gets damaged, you could be shelling out major cash.
"You're looking at a three to five hundred thousand dollar repair bill," Aguirre said.
He said if you are traveling through water and your car stalls out, do not restart it because you can damage the engine.
The best option, according to Aguirre, is to find an alternate route when coming across a flooded road.
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