New light installed at Rich Beem and Pebble Hills intersection

Rich Beem and Pebble Hills intersection

An intersection in far east El Paso has a new traffic signal. Crew began installing the lights in February.

The Rich Beem and Pebble Hills intersection is the first of 16 intersections to have a traffic signal, according to a city official.
Earlier this year, residents in the area were concerned about the busy intersection. Work at the intersection began then and a study to figure out what other intersections needed lights was conducted.

A city official on Wednesday provided a list of the other intersections to get traffic lights.

  • Pebble Hills and Sun Fire
  • Kenworthy and Sun Valley
  • Marcus Uribe and Sean Haggerty
  • Tierra Cortez and Tierra Este
  • Resler and Nardo Goodman
  • Alameda and Whittier
  • North Loop and Lafayette
  • Schuster and El Paso
  • Zaragoza and John Hayes
  • Pellicano and Michaelangelo
  • Northwestern and Helen of Troy
  • Silver Springs and Shadow Mountain
  • Doniphan and Bird
  • Doniphan and West Green

The city official said most of the intersections will have signal lights within 16 months. They expect all 16 intersections to have lights by 2020. The cost to signalize each intersection is about $300,000.

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