Drivers call traffic congestion in El Paso 'Carmageddon'


Many commuters Thursday ran into traffic congestion.

El Pasoans are calling their experience on the roadways "Carmageddon."

Several construction projects happening at the same time are flooding the streets with vehicles.

KFOX14 reporter Tomas Hoppough was out in the traffic all Thursday afternoon trying to find out how drivers avoid the delays.

One of the major reasons for "Carmageddon" was the accident on Interstate 10 early in the morning.

"I was stuck in traffic for 30 minutes," said one driver, who commutes from the east side to the west side every day.

Some drivers told Hoppough they take Transmountain to avoid all the traffic, while others use Mesa Street as an outlet to avoid I-10.

"It doesn't matter where you go, you'll always bump into traffic, it's pathetic," said Joanne Jones, who lives on the west side.

While Hoppough was driving, it took him and his photographer Andrew Jara 30 minutes to get through Mesa Street from downtown to the KFOX14 station located on Alto Mesa Drive.

Click on the video above to find out why drivers are calling this Carmeggeddon.

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