Diana Drive underpass closed to traffic

Diana underpass in northeast El Paso

Tuesday, the underpass of Diana and US-54 was closed to through traffic.

As we reported, the closure will last for three months.

Jennifer Wright, spokesperson for TxDOT, says they've reached out to those directly affected.

According to residents near Diana, El Paso Community College (EPCC) students, Western Tech students and the Veterans Memorial staff were notified about the extended closure.

CBS4 spoke with an EPCC student who says he's not looking forward to this closure, as the $35 million project will have drivers detouring at a busy intersection.

Sean Davis says, "I'm not really happy about it because it takes me out of the way a lot, but if it's going to build up the Northeast ... I like that part about it."

Drivers headed southbound from North Hills will have to drive a little further to Hondo Pass then make a U-turn to get back to Diana.

A resident who uses the underpass twice a day says she'll have to leave early to get to work since she already deals with congestion at 8 a.m.

Becky Abeyta says, "I'm dreading the day that they close it on the 15th. The traffic is very slow and I'm always concerned I'm going to be late to work."

Abeyta says she anticipates the drive home during rush hour will take a little longer, too.

"When I leave for the evening here from work I got to go all the way up to Kenworthy and I don't like that," says Abeyta.

The Gateway North frontage road has reopened. It was closed overnight on Monday from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

TxDOT says before this Diana project got started, it made sure to completes the U-turn lane on Hondo Pass.

TxDOT officials believe this should alleviate some traffic.

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