Construction nightmare before Christmas scaled back, postponed

    TXDOT shared this picture on the GO10 web page that shows crews working on a new distribution bridge near Mesa.

    The Texas Department of Transportation warned drivers that there would be 11 days of major closures for the GO10 project in west El Paso ahead of Christmas, as crews move 30 bridge beams into the area and use two cranes to set these beams into place.

    For many drivers, this will mean a nightmare before Christmas as these closures impacted a major part of the I-10 and a notoriously busy intersection, North Mesa.

    TX-DOT public information officer Jennifer Wright told KFOX14 the closures will only be in place for six days, instead of the 11 days, offering some relief to drivers ahead of the holiday.

    Closures began Dec. 4 with the I-10 W at Mesa shutdown, I-10 E at Mesa down to one lane and the intersection of N. Mesa at North and South Desert Boulevard closed from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m.

    These closures were scheduled to continue for Sunday, Dec. 4 through Thursday, Dec. 8 and Sunday, Dec. 11 through Thursday, Dec. 15, expecting to end on Sunday, Dec. 18.

    Now, the closers are expected to end on Dec. 11, which will help drivers commuting in the construction site overnight and into the early morning hours.

    Wright said the necessary work will be done by the sixth day. However, the additional days that were cut out are not canceled but instead postponed, and drivers can expect to see them again in January.

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