More bridges to be demolished in west El Paso

    Paisano bridge being demolished

    The Paisano Bridge is being demolished as a part of the Go-10 Project, but it’s not the only bridge that will be torn down.

    Bob Bielek, district engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation, said that the Paisano Bridge is only the first of four to be demolished.

    He said removing a bridge is a long process.

    “You need to first take the deck off, you then use some equipment that is like a huge jackhammer. So you take pieces of it apart,” said Bielek.

    It’s not only about protecting the road, but also the drivers.

    “Very often you’ll put soil across the road a couple of feet deep so that what drops doesn’t hurt the road underneath. You also have to put up some equipment to stop traffic.”

    The Sunland Park, Resler, and ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ will also be removed. With their demolition comes new improvements.

    “A new Sunland Park direct connect, a new Resler direct connect, we’ll be completely rebuilding the Mesa interchange,” said Bielek. “The I-10 bridge over Mesa will be completely reconstructed.”

    TXDOT doesn’t know which bridge will be taken down next, but we do know what the closure will look like for the Paisano Bridge demolition.

    The eastbound side of the bridge is already gone, and this weekend we will see more closures.

    “We will move to the other side and shutdown the other side of I-10 again for about a 24 to 26 hour period and take that bridge down,” said Bielek.

    So if you travel through west El Paso, expect long delays, and this is just the start.

    The closure will start on Sunday at 3 a.m. and will be closed from the Sunland Park overpass to the entrance ramp until five in the morning on Monday.

    After that, it’s on to the next of three bridges. They’re all expected to come down within the next three years.

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