GO10 project continues with left lane closures on Sunland and Executive

Left lane closures in west El Paso.jpg

The left lanes on Interstate 10 east and west between Sunland Park and Executive Center have been closed during the day for the last few weeks.

Workers are getting the left shoulder ready for a lane switch at the end of May.

The right lane will be closed and traffic will be shifted over to what is currently the left shoulder.

El Pasoans we spoke with said, they're okay with the closures now, if that means an easier time in the future.

"It's better than closing an entire lane, because traffic gets pretty hairy as it is," Sarahi Trejo said.

Others worry the switch could confuse drivers.

"People are used to a certain traffic pattern, and even an S, a small swerve in the lane caused us a lot of delays," Cheryl Engeldinger said.

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