Exit only lane near Executive Center causes issues for drivers

    Candle sticks located at the Executive Center exit

    The exit only lane off of Interstate 10 west at Executive Center is becoming a problem area for drivers.

    Drivers are using the right exit only lane as a passing lane, and having to merge over last minute.

    Bob Bielek, district engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation, said they opened the lane back up after constant requests from drivers.

    “We decided to try and open it back up again, but we put the candlesticks in in order to let people know that it really is an exit only lane and if they exit, they’re going to have to find another way to get back on I-10,” said Bielek.

    The candlesticks are plastic markers TXDOT decided to use instead of a guardrail. The candlesticks would cause damage if hit, but that’s what keeps happening. Drivers keep running into them.

    “We try to replace them as quickly as we can,” said Bielek. “In this case there are two missing there now. We’re waiting for them to be delivered because we didn’t have enough on hand.”

    Bielek said safety is TXDOT’s number one concern.

    “They’re $5 each. It’s not a big cost. It’s just the fact that people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do,” said Bielek.

    TXDOT said it will be monitoring the area over the next couple of weeks and making changes as needed.

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