A Christmas Story Live Contest Winner!

FOX Lounge hosts Kandolite and Kezhal call the lucky winner of FOX's national contest to go see "A Christmas Story Live" in Burbank, California.

FOX Lounge hosts Kandolite Flores and Kezhal Dashti called the nationwide winner in FOX's A Christmas Story Live Giveaway, and gave her the good news that she won.

Donna, who lives in El Paso, is the winner of the FOX contest. She'll be flown out to watch "A Christmas Story Live" in the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California.

The Fox Lounge encouraged viewers to enter into the national contest on Nov. 22, and the winner wound up being from El Paso.

You can watch "A Christmas Story Live" Sunday at 7 p.m. on KFOX14.

Hear the lucky winner's reaction when she learns she's won a trip to Los Angeles.

Inspired by "A Christmas Story Live!", FOX is creating the Greatest GIFt. Each day, a new GIFt will post, leading up to the Dec. 17 premiere, encouraging fans to share it with their friends and family. Every time the GIFt is retweeted, using the hashtag #ChristmasOnFOXGIFts, FOX will donate a dollar to Toys For Tots, up to $20,000.

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