San Elizario celebrates boys’ soccer team state championship win

The San Elizario soccer team was celebrated for winning the 4A District Championship game against Palestine 1-0.

There was a big pep rally Friday to celebrate a big win in San Elizario. The San Elizario High School boys’ soccer team players were honored for their hard work.

Last month, the team became state champions, winning the District 4A championship game against Palestine 1-0. The team won its first state title in 2015.

"It was a pretty good celebration. We're very happy to be honored by our community and our school,” said a junior on the soccer team, Eric Valdez. "It's hard to believe. I still can't process it. It's a really good feeling."

"This win that the boys brought back is really a win for all of the school districts and schools that are in the outskirts. You don't have to be a big powerhouse in the middle of the city to win a state championship,” said San Elizario Principal Maribel Guillen.

Guillen boasted about how well-rounded the team is this year.

"On the boys soccer team, we have four or five students that are in the top 10 in their class,” Guillen said.

"Better students, better athletes,” said the team’s MVP, Martin Rodriguez.

Holding the District 4A championship trophy, the boys looked awe-struck as they sat in front of their classmates and families.

"It only inspires our feeder pattern students who, right now, are in first or second grade to know that if someone has already done it, that they can do it too. It just opens the door to so much,” Guillen said proudly.

"I think we put San Elizario out there. Not only San Elizario but also El Paso. This year we went to represent El Paso and hopefully we can do that next year too,” Valdez said.

The entire school commended and applauded the boys for representing the community well.

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