New Chihuahuas season brings new features and new food

Fans can have their pictures displayed on the screens at the ballpark by taking a selfie using #epchihuahuas, #grrrtime or #fetchthefun.

The gates opened Friday afternoon for the El Paso Chihuahua's home opener against the Reno Aces.

A new season is also bringing new activities and food for fans.

Southwest University Park is known for having some of the best and most unique food in the minor league.

Fans can expect nearly a dozen new food options on the menu this season.

"We've got about 11 new food items, including barbacoa tacos, hand dipped ice cream, a pizza burger, a turkey burger," said General Manager Brad Taylor.

Some fans tell KFOX14 they've been anticipating the new menu items.

"It's really good, and I'm anxious to try the new food that they have," said season ticket holder Frank Rojas.

He admitted some of the options sound a little too unique.

"I don't know about the pizza burger, but maybe the barbacoa. That sounds good, but then again we'll just have to give it a try," Rojas said.

Juan Saucedo said he won't shy away from anything.

"I've gone through everything so far on the menu, so this year, that will be my goal to go through everything this year," Saucedo said.

Another new rollout offers fans a chance to see their faces up on the big screen.

It's called the social square. People take a selfie, and use #epchihuahuas, #grrrtime or #fetchthefun and their picture could end up on screens all across the stadium.

"It is truly a fan interactive way to be part of the Chihuahuas' experience directly and immediately on social media," Taylor said.

Before Friday, no one had even been able to see the social square, because it was just installed this week.

"Definitely, anytime you can see yourself on the big screen, that's the way to go. But I mean, the game is already fun the way it is with the ambiance and everything. If we can liven it up a little bit more, why not?" Saucedo said.

T-shirt Tuesday's is another new fun thing launching this season. The first 2,000 fans in the door on Tuesday nights will get a free T-shirt.

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