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CLM's Omar Carmona
CLM's Omar Carmona
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The CLM Law Firm is KFOX14's newest Podcast on The Breakdown.

Omar Carmona, partner and criminal attorney at Carmona Lozano Meza Law Firm, gives us insight into the law firm's areas of expertise on "Litigate This!"

CLM has experience in covering cases regarding criminal defense law, adult and juvenile criminal defense, federal law, parole boards and personal injury.

CLM Law offers free confidential, consultations. Call 915-225-1555.

Personal Injury 101 Part 2 episode 7:

CLM Law Firm’s Attorney Eric Meza and Legal Assistant Julietta Fierro continue the discussion about Personal Injury and the next steps after hiring an attorney.

Meza and Fierro speak in this episode about what litigation actually means and the step-by-steps you’ll go through, once your attorney is retained. From treatment to insurance company negotiations, Meza speaks about how CLM will do what’s best for you.

We also tell you the most important things NOT to do while you’re going through the litigation process—especially when it comes to social media.

Listen to the conversation too:

Personal Injury 101 Part 1 episode 6:

In today’s episode, CLM Law Firm’s Attorney Eric Meza and Legal Assistant Julietta Fierro talk about everything you need to know about Personal Injury.

Learn about what you should do after an injury. We give you a checklist for what information you need to write down after the incident, find out how much time you have to file a claim, and what to do even if you don’t have insurance.

Listen to the conversation too:

DWI Resolutions episode 5:

CLM Law Attorney Eric Meza and CLM Legal Assistant Tania Lozano continue the discussion on DWI’s and possible resolutions for them.

CLM speaks about the PTD program (Pre-Trial Diversion)—what that is, and why it’s important for a possible dismissal and expungement of a case.

Hear about what an attorney can do for you as a first-time offender or a multiple time offender, what your options are in Texas, and why dismissal can still be possible.

If once a trial is imminent, CLM will walk you through the steps from finding out costs and the most critical factors you’ll need during trial.

Listen to the conversation too:

License Suspension episode 4:

CLM Law Attorney Eric Meza and CLM Legal Assistant Tania Lozano discuss DWI’s and the things that come with a DWI arrest, and driver license suspensions.

Hear about what to do if your pulled over for a DWI and what NOT to do. Learn about your constitutional rights when it comes to field sobriety tests and blood samples.

In this episode, CLM also discusses what to do if your license is suspended. Find out how this is separate from a DWI and the steps you need to take to contest the suspension.

Find out what happens during the hearings and what we can do to help get driving privileges so you can continue to work.

Listen to the conversation too:

Parole episode 3:

On Today's episode of Litigate This!, we talk parole.

Find out what parole is and who decides on a parole. We also talk, in detail, about the steps during a parole consultation with a lawyer, and what you need to know about a "parole plan".

Listen and find out why timing is critical with parole reviews and what can affect the outcome.

Listen to the conversation too:

Underage Crime and Drugs episode 2:

Welcome to the Carmona, Lozano, and Meza Law Firm (CLM Law Firm) “Litigate THIS!” Vodcast/Podcast

Today Juvenile Defense Attorney Omar Carmona continues the discussion on what happens once a child is charged with a crime.

Learn about the next steps that will happen with the child once charged, what 4 criteria needs must be met to detain a child. Once a child is detained, Carmona discusses what happens to a child inside the detention facility and what to expect upon release before pre-trial.

Carmona also discusses the 4 levels of home detention and emphasizes details about the strictest level and the only way it can be modified.

Listen to the conversation too:

Juvenile Law episode 1:

Carmona brings up a conversation parents may have if their child is accused of a crime.

Carmona explains the steps needed to take immediate action after a juvenile is accused. He also details what is permissible for law enforcement to do without guardian or parent consent. Lastly, Carmona advises on what children should have the knowledge of to help protect them in these situations.

Listen to the conversation too:

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