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El Paso preschool teacher emphasizes benefits of learning Spanish, offers classes

Vicky{ } Perez teaches Spanish to kids ages 3 to 6 via Zoom.
Vicky Perez teaches Spanish to kids ages 3 to 6 via Zoom.
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With the pandemic forcing kids to stay home, parents may still be looking for ways to keep them busy but also learn.

An El Paso certified pre-school teacher who has a love for Spanish is offering online classes to the younger kids and says there are so many benefits to learning the language.

“New numbers have just come out and if you can speak Spanish now in 2021, you can communicate with 80 percent of the world,” Vicky Perez said.

Her students call her “Mrs. P” and now you can find her behind a computer giving Zoom classes after leaving her teaching job in a classroom during the pandemic.

She is now offering online Spanish classes to little ones that may be needing something extra to do while stuck at home. She teaches the age group she says can absorb a new language quickly.

“What I do is I focus on a 30-minute intensive conversational class where those little children don’t really know they’re learning. They just think they’re having fun,” Perez said. “People really see the value of teaching of creating an ear for Spanish at age 3 to 6 because its not painful for those children to learn.”

Perez said she is passionate about teaching the Spanish language because it was her first language and she has seen the opportunities and doors being fluent in two languages has opened.

While most school districts offer dual language classes, Perez said her Zoom classes are a little different.

She also said because right now she’s only teaching ages 3 to 6, parents usually sit in and can see their child’s progress first hand.

Perez has a variety of students, some who use her class as an enrichment course, some who are in the dual language program at school, some whose parents want them to speak Spanish and some who engage in class just for fun.

“If you see Spanish for what it really is, you see the value you see the importance of another language. Knowing another language opens up a whole other part of a person’s brain.”

The classes are offered twice a week for $40 per week. She asks for a one-month commitment from parents to see if kids like the class.

Vicky Perez can be contacted at 915-408-7719 for those interested.

She is currently working on a website for her classes.

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