El Paso woman shot in the head gets second chance at life

Gracie Correa explains how she got a second chance at life, and she's going to run with it.

In late June, a woman was shot in her home in central El Paso while she was lying next to her husband.

The man who police say shot her left her for dead and was arrested for attempted murder.

KFOX14 spoke with the woman who was shot, Gracie Correa.

Correa said she had been lying in her own bed and says Bryant Mays Owens came in and shot her.

She told KFOX14 she doesn’t remember much about what happened, but thought it was the end for her.

“It’s short of a miracle that I am here,” Correa said. “But I’m not as well put together as I try to pretend to be.”

Correa said she is still recovering and doctors told her it’s a miracle that she’s still alive. She said she still has trouble remembering things, but said she couldn’t do any of this recovery without her husband.

“It was horrible,” said Charles Wright, Correa’s husband. “I was here in the bed, and she was right next to me. It’s really troubling because I can’t get those images out of my head.”

Tonight on KFOX14 News at 9 p.m., Correa explains how all of this changed her life.

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