Pilot of 1988 NM prison break talks about infamous day

Cheater Bellah

The name Charles "Cheater" Bella became infamous in 1988 when he piloted the helicopter in a prison break that had him land his helicopter in the middle of a maximum security prison in a hail of gunfire.

At the time, the Santa Fe state pen was one of the most violent maximum security prison systems in the country. One of the inmates who climbed into the chopper to escape was a convicted serial killer. In this rare interview almost 30 years after the jail break, "Cheater" dusted off the original helicopter and showed us exactly what happened.

Cheater also showed us what he has been doing the last three decades since that infamous day. His adventures have led to him crossing paths with everything from wildcats to Hollywood celebrities like Sylvester Stallone.

What Cheater Bella said he is going to do next, could shed new light on what happened on July 11, 1988.

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