Venomous snakes found in Florida teen's closet

    Teen cited for having venomous snakes in his closet without a permit or safety protocols in place. (FWC)

    Authorities with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) cited a Florida teenager for having venomous snakes in his home without a permit.

    The FWC seized the snakes from the teen's home last November, according to the investigative report shared to CBS12 News by WSVN.

    Investigators received a tip and responded to a home on SW 26th Street in Fort Lauderdale.

    Bailey Hough, 18, initially told investigators he had a leach in a fish tank in the home. But after the investigator saw a stack of transparent tubs in the closet, Hough admitted to having ten venomous snakes. They included seven pygmy rattlesnakes, two canebrake rattlesnakes and one copperhead rattlesnake. Two of the snakes died, the FWC report said.

    FWC investigators said Hough, in addition to not having a permit, did not have the snakes in approved enclosures or in an escape-proof room. The teen also did not have the proper records showing how he obtained the snakes. According to the report, Hough said he paid cash and bought the snakes out of state.

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