Underwater Christmas tree decorating teaches kids a valuable lesson

Underwater Christmas tree decorating at Tidelands HealthPoint/WPDE

Decorating the Christmas tree is a traditional part of most family's holiday festivities. However, it's probably safe to say most have never decorated a tree underwater in a swimming pool. That was the case Friday evening for dozens of kids who came out to Tidelands HealthPoint Center Health and Fitness' Santa Splash event.

"What this is, it's just something for the community that we put on every year for kids to come out, swim a little bit, decorate an underwater tree," said Membership Coordinator Michael Ferrell.

Kids dove for ornaments at the bottom of the pool and it was all to teach kids a vital lesson. According to the CDC, one out of every five accidental drowning involves children under the age of 14. The CDC also says there are over 3,500 unintentional drownings each year at about 10 deaths per day. This is why organizations like Tidelands HealthPoint are doing their part to help save lives and it was all in good fun.

"Trying to promote, just, water safety and having the kids come and if they sign up for swim lessons later, great, if not it's just fun for the community to do," said Ferrell.

Organizers said the annual Santa Splash event is all about community, safety and promoting healthy habits.

"Thats what Tidelands is, their brand, it's better health," said Ferrell.

Parents and organizers believe events promoting water safety are critical especially living in a coastal community where accidental drownings are so common for both kids and adults.

"It does happen more in lakes and the ocean like that and of course alcohol with older adults, that always happens, so if we can teach kids at a younger age then that will really always help out and they can transition that to later on in life," said Ferrell.

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