13-year-old brings pot brownies to school

    13-year-old brings pot brownies to school (CNN Newsource/KOVR)

    MARYSVILLE, Calif. (WKRC) - A 13-year-old has been suspended from a California school for bringing pot brownies to class and passing them out.

    The school district representative Ramiro Carreon said, "According to reports we received she was given ingredients and the recipe to create the brownies."

    Eight students ate the brownies and a few admitted to knowing there was marijuana in them.

    Those students who were aware were suspended.

    While the school district reported that there were no known reactions to the brownies another student said otherwise.

    One mother said, "My daughter said one student ate 3 brownies and fell in class and hit his head."

    The school did not notify all the parents within the district but said the parents of the students who were impacted by the pot brownies were called.

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