Water supply low in Beaumont, Texas

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Beaumont mayor asks for patience as temporary pumps continue to supply water

As crews spent the day working on the city's water supply, Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames urged people to be patient.

"We have enough water. There are a lot of moving parts out here. We're constantly adjusting. So if you lose pressure or if you lose water, know that it's not gone, it will come back," Ames said.

Nine temporary pumps are currently working to provide the city with enough supply, even though many residents are still waiting for water.

Officials warn the main pump could be out of service for several weeks.

"It depends on when we can get in there and the river recedes, but this workaround that's behind me will be eventually drinking water," Ames said.

She added that the temporary pumps are being helped by a new floating dock that was recently installed.

"We put a floating dock in because one of the challenges yesterday was to constantly chase the river and so now it's on the dock that's going with the river," Ames said.

He also thanked the community for its quick response in helping to get the pumps up and running.

"Although it's been devastating and it's a catastrophic event, the way the people in the city, and the way that industry and our city workers have pulled together has been unbelievable," Ames said.

The boil advisory remain in effect until officials get the all clear from the state.

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