Hot water bottles in cars could be fire hazard

Hot water bottles in cars could be a fire hazard. (Midwest City Fire Department)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WRSP/WICS) - A lot of us are guilty of this: leaving water bottles in our cars.

Midwest City fire officials said it could start a fire inside your car.

If a plastic bottle is left in your car and the right amount of sunlight hits it at just the right angle, a car seat could catch fire.

The Midwest City Fire Department put the water bottle scenario to the test, showing just how quickly it can happen.

Local fire officials said this is something that can and has happened before.

If you have any water bottles in your car, make sure you get rid of them.

Not only are water bottles a fire hazard, but the chemicals from the plastic bottles can also melt into your water when it gets hot, which can be bad for you if you drink it.

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