NAFTA, wildfires, Puerto Rico: 5 things that happened Wednesday

Anaheim Hills wildfire seen from Disneyland in California on October 9, 2017. Photo: MGN Online

Looking to get caught up on the news, fast? Here are the five most newsworthy things that happened Wednesday, reported on by the Sinclair stations you trust every day.

1. Deaths climb as wildfires rage

At least 21 are dead and hundreds more missing as wildfires continue to eat through California wine country.

2. Trump hints at NAFTA exit

After sitting down with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump called it "possible" the U.S. could pull out of the North American Fair Trade Agreement -- a move some say could irreversibly harm the American economy.

3. Boy Scouts to admit girls

In a landmark decision, the Boy Scouts announced that the organization will now accept girls.

4. More Weinstein allegations, ties emerge

More starlets came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein, while AP reported that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon is one of those who profited from a joint venture with the film mogul.

5. Aid flows to Puerto Rico

Local communities in the U.S. sent supplies and helping hands to Puerto Rico as the island remains largely without power, water or cell service following Hurricane Maria.

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