Woman who allegedly shot Ft. Bliss husband to avoid divorce scheduled to be sentenced

Ruiz is facing up to 10 years in prison.

A woman accused of shooting her husband because she did not want him to divorce her is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

Arely Bridgette Ruiz was originally charged with intent to commit murder and assault resulting in serious bodily injury, but the El Paso Times reports that she accepted a plea deal in October that dropped her charge of intent to commit murder. She has been through federal court and the investigation was conducted by the FBI.

Ruiz allegedly shot her husband, Luis Manuel Beltran, at their residence on Fort Bliss, court documents state. Fort Bliss officials confirmed that Beltran is a corporal on the post.

Beltran told investigators that he was sitting on the edge of the bathtub cleaning his sandals when he heard a bang and felt pain. Beltran noticed he had been shot and fell into the bathtub, court documents state.

Beltran said he tried to crawl out of the bathtub when he noticed Ruiz standing over him, pointing a gun toward him. Beltran told investigators he begged her not to shoot him again. Ruiz continued to point the gun at him and then pushed him back into the bathtub, according to court documents.

Beltran said Ruiz continued to point the gun at him and then said, “I would rather have you dead than divorce.”

According to the court documents, because Beltran feared for his life, he told Ruiz he did not want a divorce and that they could change. He reportedly told the woman that he would tell everyone that he shot himself while cleaning his gun. Beltran then asked the woman to take him to the hospital, so she did.

Two days after the alleged shooting, Beltran regained consciousness and told hospital staff that Ruiz had shot him and that he did not shot himself, according to court documents.

Fort Bliss Military Police was then notified of the incident and the FBI was eventually also called to investigate.

FBI agents questioned Ruiz, who initially denied shooting her husband. She told agents that they had been arguing that day and that Beltran told her he that he had a girlfriend, had been cheating on her and wanted a divorce.

Ruiz said she has been with her husband since 2009. She said she does not work, have kids, didn’t go to college and did not want to move back with her parents if they got a divorce, court documents state.

Ruiz eventually admitted to shooting Beltran, saying she saw her husband cleaning his sandals and decided “it was all coming to an end” and that she was not going to go through with a divorce, according to court documents.

She told investigators she panicked and said, “Yeah, I did grab the gun and I did shoot him.” She said she grabbed a 9 mmGlock from the room next to the bathroom and shot Beltran, according to court documents.

Ruiz said her intention was to kill her husband and then kill herself but when he told her he did not want a divorce and that he loved her, she changed her mind. She later said her intention was just to scare her husband and not kill him.

The woman said she told Beltran that he could tell authorities she had shot him and told him “I’m willing to take it.”

Members of the Army Criminal Investigation Command went to the residence where the shooting took place and recovered the 9 mmGlock. Photographs taken at the crime scene show blood on the bathroom floor and in the bathtub. CID agents also recovered one shell casing, according to the court documents.

Ruiz is charged with assault resulting in serious bodily injury and her sentencing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday on the 5th floor of the United States Courthouse, 525 Magoffin Avenue.

She is facing up to 10 years in prison.

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