Witnesses testify in trial of man accused in 2016 deadly stabbing

Rudolfo Martinez is accused in the 2016 stabbing death of Christopher Wray.

A Las Cruces man who is charged with killing a man by stabbing him multiple times in front of a motel went on trial Tuesday morning.

Several witnesses testified in court Tuesday afternoon in the trial of Rudolfo Martinez, who is accused of killing Christopher Wray in front of the Western Inn motel in 2016.

Evidence, including surveillance video showing Martinez making stabbing motions before the victim fell to the ground, also was presented in court.

During opening statements, defense attorney Raymond Conley said Martinez was in fear for his life during the physical confrontation.

But the prosecution said Martinez provoked Wray, which led to the deadly attack.

An interrogation video was also shown in court and, in it, Martinez is heard telling police he didn’t get into a fight and that he tripped on a curb, causing his head to bleed.

Martinez later changed his story and told police he found something shiny on the ground during the fight and stabbed Wray with it several times.

Surveillance video from the motel’s cameras showed the fight in its entirety.

The video ended with Wray on the ground in a pool of blood while Martinez walked away.

One witness testified to seeing a fight between Martinez and Wray.

“He was stabbing the victim and he had stepped back from the victim and then went back in and started stabbing the victim more,” witness Joshua Jackson said.

Martinez faces a second-degree murder charge.

If found guilty, he could serve up to 19 years in prison.

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