Las Cruces sees it's first snowfall of 2019

    Las Cruces sees it's first snowfall of 2019<p>{/p}

    A winter weather advisory was in effect from 11 a.m until 10 p.m.

    It was canceled around 4 p.m.

    An upper level storm system arriving from Arizona and a strong cold front pushing westward from the Southern Plains converged over the Borderland to bring snow to large parts of the region.

    Most of the morning remained fairly calm in Las Cruces, just very cold. Around 3 p.m., snow flurries began falling. So far, 2019 has been a cold one.

    Many people are here in Las Cruces for the holidays and say they weren’t expecting this kind of weather.

    Miguel Leon is visiting from Wisconsin and didn’t bring many winter clothes, because he didn’t know it would be this cold. “They told us it never gets this cold. So that was kind of a surprise,” Leon says.

    Tamara Pierce is visiting from Dallas and says this weather does impact her plans. “I’m definitely going to stay indoors the rest of the night, because it’s a bit chilly,” Pierce says.

    However, a lot of people say they like these weather conditions and that you just need to prepare yourself for it.

    Local Mesilla business owner Linda Johnson says last week when we saw snow, she didn’t notice a decrease in her sales. “Everybody comes out in the snow. Not in the rain. If it’s like this and it snows, there is still people out here,” Johnson says.

    Oscar Ferralez is a local pecan farmer and says he will be working regardless of poor weather conditions. “You can’t change it either way, so you just have to deal with it or not,” Ferralez says.

    Kendall Myers has plans to go horseback riding today and is not going to let the weather change that. “I love horses, so I would go riding even if we saw 4 inches of snow,” Myers says.

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