'Bronco Swap Meet' sign comes down during winter storm in El Paso

    A business sign on Alameda Street damaged by high winds in the area. (Photo Courtesy: Amanda Flores)

    The sign at a popular swap meet fall down when wind gusts picked up Tuesday afternoon.

    The sign next to the popular bronco head that reads "Bronco Swap Meet" came crashing down at 408 Alameda Avenue in the Lower Valley.

    Images of trampolines trampled in northeast El Paso were sent to KFOX14.

    A strong storm system and cold front arrived in the Borderland Monday.

    Widespread showers arrived Tuesday, as the storm system moved in.

    Storms on Tuesday produced strong winds and rain.

    A High Wind Watch will begin for areas east of the mountain ranges, Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. and last until midnight.

    Wind gusts will eventually strengthen and wind gusts will be over 70 mph.

    The gaps and passes could have wind gusts 80-90 mph. West of the mountain ranges, the High Wind Watch will begin at 10 a.m. and last 9 p.m.

    There could be areas of possible minor damage, as a result of these strong winds.

    El Pasoans who spoke to KFOX14 in east El Paso were trying to stay indoors to stay safe.

    “We are just trying to hunker down under the bus stop,” Christian Gray said. “Stay indoors and stay warm, and watch out for any flying debris.”

    “Just stay home. If you have to go out, OK, but otherwise just stay home,” Juan Zubia said.

    If you have pictures or videos of the weather, send them to KFOX14 so we can show them of in our newscasts.

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    "I told my husband (Monday), it’s going to rain, it’s going to rain,” said Brenda Calderon. “And he’s like, ‘It’s not going to rain—look, it’s sunny outside,’ And I’m like it’s going to rain, I’m telling you!”

    In the past few days, El Pasoans said they feel like they've seen it all.

    “It’s crazy weather, I thought I was prepared for it, but evidently I was not,” said one El Paso neighbor.

    Others agree.

    “This morning was really nice, then it just got really ugly,” said Arley Viramontes.

    When it comes to weather, some said the Borderland is nothing short of an adventure.

    “You don’t know how to dress,” said Miriam Piedre with a laugh.

    KFOX 14 asked neighbors, how would they describe El Paso weather?

    “Random,” said Michael Esper.

    “El Paso is like, bipolar,” said Calderon.

    “It sucks,” said Viramontes.

    “People don’t know how to drive,” said Piedre.

    But neighbors living in the Borderland said they have gotten used to the ups and downs.

    “It varies, sometimes it can be nice, and sometimes it’s not so ideal,” said Esper.

    It may be cold and rainy for now, but there’s an old saying: The sun will come out tomorrow.

    According to neighbors, that may be just in a few hours here in El Paso.

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