What are difference between charter, public schools?

Charter VS Public (Courtesy: KFOX)

Knowing the difference between charter and public schools can be important if you are confused about where to send your kids.

Dr. David Knight, associate director at the Center for Education Research and Policy Studies at UTEP, said charter schools offer a more one-on-one teaching base style.

Knight, however, believes charter schools use educational strategies that began in the traditional public-school system.

“Research is fairly clear that on average traditional public schools perform about as well as charter schools," Knight said.

Public schools are obligated to serve everyone while charter schools can decide who to enroll. That is why Knight believes it is important to not believe every statistic you see online.

"Be weary of the statistics and metrics that you read online because it can be complicated what goes into creating those metrics," said Knight.

Knight said the more charter schools that are built, the less funding there will be for public schools.

“Each student that transfers into that charter school means less funding for the traditional public-school system,” said Knight.

Damaris Adame has two kids in the El Paso Independent School District. She said she prefers public schools over charter schools.

"I really don't find the difference in charter school and public school, other than the money being used," said Adame.

Adame said she knows family and friends who are happy with charter schools.

"My cousin sends her kids there. She really likes it. I just prefer my kids go to public school to save money," said Adame.

Knight believes any school, whether it be charter or public, can benefit any child as long as parents do their research.

"Do your homework and go into the charter school and talk to the teachers and the principal,” Knight said.

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