West El Paso flooded, hit hard by hailstorms

West El Paso rain

A quiet Monday turned into a wet and stormy one after severe storms hit especially hard in west El Paso.

Hail and rain quickly flooded streets and sparked rockslides in areas such as Mesa Hills Drive.

Near Sunland Park, where traffic is already an issue, the rain slowed people down even more.

The wind blew so hard it blew off the door of a martial arts studio.

Eric Smith, master at Screaming Eagles Martial Arts on Wallenberg Drive, said he didn’t see it coming.

"We started hearing the hail hitting harder and when I turned around, the door flew open. It actually pulled the door off one of its hinges and smashed it open. That's when we realized the winds were coming really too fast,” Smith said.

Smith said, amid the thunder, rain and hail, he gathered his students into the center of the room.

"It felt like a tornado. You could feel the suction. You could feel the wind blowing by. The hail was coming down like bullets," Smith said.

And within minutes, the area became flooded and roads became difficult to drive on.

Rocks and debris covered the roads, leaving lots of cleanup work for road crews.

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