West El Paso drivers brace for yet another I-10 closure


    From 5 p.m. Sunday until 6 a.m. Monday. That’s how long the latest I-10 East closure will last from Sunland Park to Executive.

    "I try to avoid it (if at) all possible because everyone drives like a maniac out there," Jonathan Mitchell said.

    Mitchell says these shutdowns throw a wrench in his weekend plans.

    "I didn't find out until my wife told me,” Mitchell said. “She was like 'We're going to have a closure today,' I was like 'Oh boy this going to be fun. How are we going to get around today?'"

    Some haven't seen our traffic nightmares like Raul Chacon visiting from Ciudad Juarez

    "It was first time we had some problems getting to the stores at Sunland Park,” Chacon said. “It's new to us and it was a little unusual."

    Chacon said he had to snake in between all of the side roads and neighborhoods in West El Paso.

    Mitchell, on the other hand, has some tips to avoid that trip.

    "When the light turned green everyone would roll forward. It wasn't waiting for the guy in front of you to roll forward,” Mitchell said. “If we could all drive on there like we were driving, we could all get to place where we need to go faster."

    Some say a few hours of traffic can mean easier travel for the future.

    "We aren't used to seeing the I-10 closed,” Chacon said. “I hope it just gets better in less time."

    "Just keep an eye out because there are other people out there and we have to look out for them,” Mitchell said.

    The Go-10 Project says this closure is to repair and check the brackets of the Pasiano Bridge.

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