UPDATE: All lanes of I-10 E open following closures for GO10 Project


    Gridlock occurred in West El Paso Sunday as all lanes on I-10 were closed for construction. Several closures for the Go-10 project made for some frustrated drivers Sunday. All of the closures have now been lifted with the exception of the underpass entrance ramp at Sunland Park heading east, which will be closed for good.

    "Eighteen-wheelers backed up butt-end to butt-end and they kept going on Mesa," said Northeast El Paso resident Zachary Barnes. "I was supposed to be somewhere already and I'm not."

    "Actually I was going to meet my family for lunch and I couldn't because of all the traffic. It would take me, like, an hour to get where they were," said West El Paso resident Katrianna Urrea.

    All of the eastbound lanes of I-10 were closed as crews re-striped the lanes. The Resler and Sunland Park flyovers were closed for the majority of the day. All of those were back open by Sunday night.

    "I had seen the freeway closed so I detoured off of Redd Road," said Canutillo resident Timothy Creech.

    "I will try to take Doniphan Street instead of the freeway," said Juarez resident Enrique Garcia.

    TXDOT El Paso said crews are already several months into the early stages of construction for the Go-10 Project.

    "A bunch of 18-wheelers were going up to Mesa and turning back around," Barnes said.

    Drivers on the eastbound lanes of I-10 are now switched onto new lanes. TXDOT said this change will be in place for several months.

    "It will be good to have three lanes because even now with two lanes, traffic is pretty bad most of the time," Creech said.

    Some drivers said they feel like there is always some kind of construction in their way.

    "For the most part, I think they're doing too many projects before they get one done," Barnes said.

    "I don't know anything about construction, so I don't know if it's beneficial to do it all at once. But it kind of sucks as a driver," Urrea said.

    HNTB, the firm providing architecture, engineering, planning and construction services in El Paso, said drivers were patient on Sunday, and there were no negative incidents to report.

    TXDOT said the I-10/Sunland interchange is one of the most complex sections of the Go-10 Project. That part is expected to be finished by 2019.

    "It's not good for the time, but it's good for the infrastructure for us," Garcia said.

    "In the long run it will be positive but for the past like year, it's been hectic," Urrea said.

    HNTB said drivers should still be alert and cautious while driving through any work zone, especially on Monday morning when everyone will be in a rush. It said to stagger your commute times, take a different route and carpool to break up gridlock.

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