West El Paso bar cited for issuing bad checks

Barmen was cited 16 times by TABC for cash law violations, involving six vendors.

A west El Paso bar has closed its door, after it allegedly failed to pay thousands of dollars to its vendors.

KFOX14 was able to obtain more than 100 pages from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, on several citations issued to Barmen.

The bar first received their TABC license in October 2015 and it expired two years later.

According to the documents, Barmen was cited 16 times for cash law violations to six different vendors.

That means, the bar issued bad payments.

The payments totaled $11,627.75, between December 2016 to October 2017.

Barmen was owned by Brothers and Hermanos LLC.

We spoke with one of its representatives over the phone, Javier Ramos, who declined an on-camera interview.

He told KFOX14 the bar closed because it ran out of money.

Within the documents, we also received information about the bar selling and serving alcohol to minors.

After receiving a few complaints, TABC said in July 2017, they conducted an operation with two 18-year-olds.

The teens were given instructions by TABC officials to not lie and show their Texas Identification cards, if asked.

When they went to Barmen, the minors ordered two beers and a bartender gave them the beers.

The report states, “At no time did the bartender ask for identification.”

According to TABC, Barmen’s license would’ve been suspended twice in November 2017.

But, the bar’s license expired before then and the bar closed down.

We did try contacting the six vendors involved, they either declined to speak with us or we have not heard back from them, yet.

Barmen is not associated with Limelight Contracting LLC.

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