Weather causes delays for some TxDOT projects

The severe weather in the Borderland has affected some Texas Department of Transportation construction.

The Department of Transportation said the high winds mixed with all the rain affected all of its construction the past couple days.

“It’s been a combination of rain, very high winds and cold weather,” said Bob Bielek, the TXDOT district engineer in El Paso. “It has really had an effect on virtually everything that we do related to roadways.”

In the past few days, the Borderland experienced rain, wind and even hail.

“Given the fact that it was all three, it pretty much shut everything down,” Bielek said.

Bielek said with rain, the department can’t pour concrete, but it can do other things.

“You can lift beams when it’s raining, for example, but you can’t lift beams in high winds,” Bielek said.

Bielek said winds over 15 mph are not safe.

As for the delays, Bielek said TxDOT’s major concerns are for its biggest projects: the Go 10 and Border West Expressway.

“The weather has affected some individual schedules,” Bielek said.

Bielek said there are days budgeted for weather delays throughtout the year.

“So there is some flexibility on a really large project,” Bielek said.

Bielek said Go 10 has about 14 days allotted for weather delays, while the Border West Expressway has between 10 and 15 days.

Even with the recent delays, a major section on the Border West Expressway is still on track to open back up.

“The Doniphan and Paisano connection should be open by the end of this month,” Bielek said.

Bielek also said the Department of Transportation could push for some work to be done on the weekend in order to make up for those weather delays.

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