Mike Price: 'Come and see us fans!'

Mike Prices returns as UTEP Interim Foottball Coach presser (Photo Credit: KFOX14/CBS4))

UTEP Football Interim Head Coach Mike Price is scheduled to talk to the media Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Mike Price said he got the call to fill in as UTEP's head football coach about five minutes before the team was informed. CBS4 talked to his players and fans about the sudden change.

Coach Mike Price said he is not here to change anything on the team, he's only here to bring management and leadership.

"Really happy to be back. It's a great opportunity. And I'm honored. And I'm going to do my best,” Price said in a news conference Tuesday.

Price hasn't coached a football game in five years, and most of the current players don't even know him. But for older fans, Price brings back good memories.

"I was there all of the time and I attended all of the games when he was a coach,” said UTEP fan Cristina Perez, who lives in West El Paso.

Fans said he's popular here.

"I think it's a good choice,” Perez said. “He's familiar with our city and he has experience and I like him."

"The change was necessary but hopefully he comes in and can make a difference for us this year,” said UTEP defensive lineman Chris Richardson.

Some players and coaches wanted an in-house hire.

"I don't feel like the way it was handled -- I don't have control over that. But I feel like things could have been handled differently. I know it's a professional business,” Richardson explained.

Price said as the players get to know him, trust will grow.

"I really respect the job that these coaches have done. We're just lacking one thing, and that's winning these games,” Price told reporters.

Price said is message to fans is that they've still got games left, so come out and support the Miners.

"El Paso has this stigma that- no wins- they won't go. And we win, that's when they get the support. But we should support our football team, support UTEP, at all times. No matter if it's a winning or losing season,” Perez said.

Price says he isn't interested in anything beyond this season.

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