Valentine’s balloons could lead to power outages, El Paso Electric says

bunch of colored balloons with city mirror

El Paso Electric is urging residents to use caution when handling metallic or Mylar balloons this Valentine’s Day.

If the balloons are not handled properly, they could cause damage to power lines that could result in power outages, officials said.

Last February, more than 4,300 customers experienced a power outage that was directly attributed to Mylar balloons, officials said.

The balloons could float into power lines, become tangled and cause power outages, officials said.

The metallic coating on the balloons can cause a short circuit and can eventually lead to equipment failure.

El Paso Electric released the following tips:

Keep metallic and all other types of balloons indoors and away from overhead power lines. Even nonmetallic balloons can become entangled in lines and cause an outage.

Always attach a weight to metallic balloons. Keep them tethered at all times.

Always deflate metallic balloons and dispose of them when no longer in use.

Always assume power lines are live. Always keep yourself, your equipment and all other items, including toys, at least 10 feet away from power lines.

If a Mylar balloon or any object becomes entangled in an overhead power line, call El Paso Electric. Never try to remove it yourself.

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