U.S. Postal Service unsure if recent clusterbox was left unlocked after doors found open

U.S. Postal Service unsure if recent clusterbox was left unlocked after doors found open

Another clusterbox in a different Las Cruces neighborhood has been left wide open. Linda Heiden said this time, the affected box was on Sonora Springs Boulevard off of Roadrunner Parkway.

"I noticed around town there's been people posting that this has been happening all over,” Heiden said.

"I was walking with my mom this morning. I came back to check my mail, walked over and there was a number of mailboxes open and there was mail on the ground."

KFOX14 wanted to know how secure these clusterboxes are. We went to the Las Cruces Police Department to find out.

"I'm not sure if that was broken into or if the doors ... just failed to close,” said Dan Trujillo, an LCPD spokesperson.

“So, for the most part the newer clusterboxes are pretty safe we do have some older clusterboxes out there. Again, you’d have to check with the Post Office."

KFOX14 contacted a spokesperson from the United States Postal Service about this latest clusterbox incident and another incident that happened on January 26th.

The spokesperson said it’s unable to tell from the initial findings that the clusterboxes were left unlocked at this time.

We also wanted to know if there are any accountability measures in place to ensure the clusterboxes are being properly secured.

The spokesperson told us that mail carriers are monitored daily. It also said that if performance starts to decline with a mail carrier, the Postal Service will address and possibly provide additional training.

LCPD told KFOX14 there’s a solution that’s rather simple to help someone avoid being afraid of white collar crimes happening with these types of situations.

"If you're expecting something to come in the mail, or a new credit card or something like that, make sure to pick up your mail as soon as possible,” Trujillo said.

“Don't let your mail sit there all week and only check it once a week."

LCPD says there's something specific people are looking for in these boxes. Mailbox thieves look for checks that they can change the amount and even the name on them according to Trujillo.

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