Parents accused of shaking infant twice behind bars, father granted bond

Caricia Lorena Ceballos was charged with one count of child abuse causing great bodily harm.

UPDATE: The seven-week-old baby who was hospitalized after allegedly being shaken by her father has died. Mattie Minnick had been hospitalized since Jan. 16. Las Cruces police said she died Tuesday at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Mattie’s parents, 19-year-olds Caricia Lorena Ceballos and Alton Minnick, are both charged with a first-degree felony count of child abuse resulting in death.


The mother of an infant daughter who was critically injured last week is now facing criminal charges.

The girl’s mother, Caricia Lorena Ceballos, 19, was arrested Saturday on a charge of child abuse causing great bodily harm, police said.

Ceballos admitted to shaking her baby on Jan. 5 after the infant refused to breastfeed, according to court documents.

When the infant fell asleep, Ceballos allegedly pinched and poked the baby several times to see if she was still alive, police said.

During that incident, the woman did not seek medical attention for her daughter, police said.

According to court documents, Ceballos reportedly said she wanted to smother the infant.

On Wednesday, Ceballos went to the store and left the child in the care of the infant’s father, Marcus Alton Minnick.

Minnick is accused of shaking the seven-week-old girl when she started crying.

Police said he didn’t call 911 and performed CPR after finding the infant unresponsive. When the girl’s mother returned home from the store, she called 911, police said.

Minnick was arrested and faces a charge of child abuse causing great bodily harm.

Minnick made his first court appearance on Monday. A motion to hold him without bond until trial was denied by a judge. Online records show the judge granted him a $50,000 bond because of his lack of a criminal history.

Online court records show Minnick's bond is listed at $50,000.

If found guilty, Minnick could face 18 years to life in prison if the baby dies.

According to medical professionals, the infant was diagnosed with hemorrhaging in the brain, severe bilateral retinal hemorrhage in both eyes, global hypoxic brain injury and she was malnourished.

Medical professions also discovered the child had rib fractures that appeared to be two or three weeks old.

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