Unwanted litters dumped throughout the borderland and filling shelters

A litter of 6 puppies was recently taken in to the Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

Puppy and kitten season underway and a local rescue told KFOX14 they're seeing more abandoned litters than ever before.

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso is already at capacity and its director Loretta Hyde said it's hard to turn away these innocent critters so they're squeezed.

Just two days ago, the latest litter ended up at their door step after they were dumped in a box out in the county and left to die.

Hyde said a couple heard crying, found a box with six terriers around five weeks old and rushed them to the rescue.

Currently they're setup at the shelter while Hyde searches for a foster to house them until they're old enough for adoption, spay/neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

She said while it takes time and money to care for these animals, the issue with litters is not just rescuing them but educating people on how to save lives and prevent unwanted litters and dumping.

"There's so many options for free spay and neuter now there's no reason not to get that done and that way these guys don't have to be left in a box, or on the side of the road or thrown in the desert or contaminated with parvo and distemper," said Hyde.

These puppies are now in safe hands and finding forever homes is just one part of the big picture.

"They're going to need two sets of puppy shots, microchipping, registration, spay or neuter, and collars with I.D. Tags, which it all comes with their adoption fee and it's just a drop in the bucket because it doesn't cover half or even close to what's spent of them here at the shelter," said Hyde.

With so many new animals and nursing mothers coming into the shelter the rescue is in need of fosters and donations to help cover medical costs.

Anyone with an unwanted litter is encouraged to call the city shelter or a local rescue to discuss options for safely surrendering the animals. Dumping or abandoning animals is illegal along with breeding without a license. If you witness this, please call 311 and make a report.

For more information on spay and neuter services click here.

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