TxDOT working to alleviate traffic backups at I-10 and Sunland Park

Sunland Park entrance ramp.

Traffic on I-10 West’s Sunland Park exit causes quite a bit of backup, which sometimes even spills onto the interstate.

The Texas Department of Transportation said drivers should see some relief soon, while some drivers said they do their best to avoid the area.

“There’s been a traffic backup every day,” said El Paso driver Freddy Klayel.

The backups are causing some headaches for drivers in West El Paso.

“Traffic gets very hectic,” said El Paso driver Antonio Perea. “The line backs up almost all the way onto the freeway and could possibly cause accidents.”

Bob Bielek, a district engineer for TxDOT El Paso, said the department is working on some plans to help drivers.

“We have to completely rebuild that intersection on the east side of I-10,” he said. “We also have to rebuild that intersection on the west side of I-10.”

He told KFOX14 there isn’t much room for drivers, which causes the backups.

“We have a limited space available and what’s happening is we’re getting a lot of 18-wheelers up there that want to go left or go straight, and they’re blocking the right turn lane,” he said. “When we build it, we’ll build enough width that people can get to the free right turn, without getting caught up in the queue.”

He said the department is also looking into eliminating the straight lane at the intersection.

He said all these measures should help with the congestion and said drivers should notice the change by the end of the month.

“I avoid it,” said El Paso driver, Jaime Loweree. “I haven’t been on the freeway in months, at least not in that area.”

Drivers said they’re ready for the project to be complete.

“It’s like everything else, remodeling your house -- it’s a mess and then once it’s done, it’s a lot nicer that it was,” said Loweree.

TxDOT said a majority of the GO 10 project should be completed before the year ends.

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