TXDOT "Traffic Jam Specials" initiative not working as planned

    TXDOT teamed up with local restaurants to offer drivers "traffic jam specials" during heavy traffic times. (KFOX14/CBS4)

    TXDOT's plan to help businesses affected by closures an construction isn't working like everyone hoped.

    It's been nearly three months since TXDOT teamed up with local businesses and announced it's "Traffic Jam Specials" initiative. The goal is to help businesses and ease traffic caused by construction and crashes.

    Both business and TXDOT said they haven't seen much of a boom.

    KFOX14 talked with five businesses along Mesa Wednesday and asked if they had seen a difference.

    "Not too much," said Becky Rodenberg, an employee at Singapore cafe. "It doesn't make that much difference."

    "We haven't really seen a lot of business from it," said Krista Powell, manager at The Pizza Joint.

    It was the same story for Coronado Prime Meats, Frozert Yogurt El Paso and Kern Place Florist.

    "Initially there was a pretty good response, but then people forgot about it," said Amander Ozer, the owner of Frozurt Yogurt El Paso.

    TXDOT said it has been having meetings and will meet with business owners again to come up with some new ideas.

    TXDOT isn't responsible for businesses' marketing but said it wanted to help by using social media to promote special offers.

    Businesses told KFOX14 they feel social media can help, but they think they're missing a certain group of people.

    "I feel like social media is much more of a younger crowd, especially a place like this, which is kind of hipster and local, I feel like maybe an older crowd missed out to know that they could have gotten a discount," Powell said.

    TXDOT said it will continue to promote the "Traffic Jam Specials" on social media, but it is open to trying new things.

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