TXDOT stopping construction during Thanksgiving weekend

    TXDOT will not be doing construction during Thanksgiving weekend. <p>{/p}

    TXDOT is taking a break from construction for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

    "(The workers are) taking a holiday Wednesday through the following Monday, so for Black Friday, the traffic jams you experience out there will not be because of TXDOT's projects," spokesperson Jennifer Wright said.

    Those days off will not put work on the Go10 Project behind schedule.

    "Those are planned vacation days and we'll see it again over the Christmas holiday where there'll be some extra days where the workers will be able to go home and spend time with their families," Wright said.

    The news came as a relief to drivers in west El Paso.

    "It can be fairly frustrating so you have to plan extra time, not just for your route, but for the backups that are going to happen," Rick Lambrecht said.

    Lambrecht and others have noticed the back-up going down Sunland Park to get on I-10 in both directions.

    "I actually haven't seen it this bad in a while," Charlie Daniels said.

    Lambrecht said he hopes the decision to halt construction for the holiday weekend will help congestion.

    "It should clear things up somewhat versus the regular Monday through Friday traffic," he said. "Even though we will have holiday traffic, which is heavier, they won't create such a mess."

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