TxDOT says GO10 Mesa St. project still on track, but won't be completed as early as hoped

    TxDOT says GO10 Mesa St. project still on track, but won’t be completed as early as hoped<p>{/p}

    The original completion date for the GO 10 Mesa Street project was set for the middle of 2019.

    The Texas Department of Transportation said contractors had been hoping it would be be completed in December of this year.

    “The contractor had set for themselves a very ambitious schedule,” said TxDOT spokesperson Jennifer Wright.

    Now, the department is saying the project won’t be complete until late February or early March. This is still earlier than the final completion date, but a lot of drivers are saying it’s a never-ending headache.

    “The longer it lingers, it’s a question of safety for the people,” said El Paso resident Bill Ljungdahn. “At best, it’s a nuisance. At the worst, it’s pretty dangerous.”

    Drivers around the area have been complaining about this project, saying the lane closures are difficult to work with in the evening hours and traffic light cycles are making their drive inconvenient.

    “It takes longer wherever you want to go. Let’s say it usually takes you 15 minutes. Now, it’s an hour,” said Canutillo resident Benito Rodriguez.

    Adri Bustillos, from El Paso, said she has been late to work multiple times because of the area. “It depends.Sometimes it’s 40 minutes. Sometimes I have to call in to work and tell them I’m going to be late,” she said.

    Tannya Barron said she avoids the area as much as she can. “I hate coming into this area now. Every time I have to come out, I do it an hour beforehand.”

    The next step for this project is Phase 3.

    TxDOT’s main focus for this phase is working on the two steps it has in place for the area. Step one will be construction on the road right in front of the Village Inn on North Mesa Street and step two will be construction right in front of the Starbucks next to the Village Inn.

    Step one is set to occur first unless on-the-ground managers decide it’s best to complete step two first. Each step will take approximately four to six weeks. There will be driveways open for both of these locations during each step.

    “They’re going to be working on the eastbound lanes in phases and some of the work they have to do is work on the driveways associated with the businesses,” Wright said.

    “We always try to tell people the truth as we know it at the time. And so, when we are given information that is proven inaccurate, that is the information we were given at the time,” Wright said.

    Once the project is complete, all of the asphalt pavement on North Mesa Street will be entirely replaced with concrete pavement. South Desert Boulevard will have more lanes and the I-10 overpass will be completely replaced with a full-span bridge, which means the median of North Mesa Street will not have support columns.

    You will want to continue to plan ahead as you leave the house because the traffic on Mesa Street will continue to be heavy during this phasing work.

    This weekend, TxDOT said, there will be a 27-hour closure from 3 a.m. Sunday morning until around 6 a.m. Monday. The department is still not sure whether Mesa Street or a portion of I-10 above Mesa Street will be closed off.

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