TxDOT is working on an interchange that will alleviate traffic in west El Paso

    West El Paso traffic

    The Texas Department of Transportation has another major construction plan in their back pocket, but they say it won't give drivers a headache.

    It's called the Mesa Park Interchange and it is supposed to compliment the big GO 10 project.

    The project is just one component to all of the work TxDOT is doing in west El Paso.

    The interchange will be just west of Executive Center.

    West El Paso has become construction central.

    TxDOT held a meeting Thursday night to discuss another major project.

    TxDOT District Engineer Bob Bielek said the project will benefit west El Paso drivers.

    "Congestion will be reduced, air pollution will be reduced by 2020. It'll be wonderful to be on the westside," Bielek said.

    Bielek said the interchange will be another place where drivers can exit off I-10.

    "They'll get off at Executive Center and get on at Mesa Park if they are westbound. If they are headed eastbound they'll get off at Mesa Park and get on at Executive Center," Bielek said.

    Eventually the interchange will connect to the proposed Mesa Park Drive. That will be the road that connects Mesa to the freeway.

    It's a project that Dist. 1 City Rep. Peter Svarzbein said has been in the works for almost 10 years. Svarzbein said the construction will be good in the long run.

    "We won't get stuck in 10 or 20 years like Austin where you're sitting in gridlock because they had an opportunity to expand on their highways and roads. They chose not to do that," Svarbein said.

    The project is estimated to cost $21 million dollars.

    Construction will begin January and wrap up in the summer of 2018.

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