2 kids out of the hospital, third in critical condition after Tippin Elementary incident

3 kids impacted by the Tippin Elementary Crash (Courtesy: KFOX)

Kharisma James, the mother who died after being struck at Tippin Elementary School; her two children, Jasmine and Justus Holland are now out of the hospital.

Jasmin's father said she has bruises and scrapes all over her face while Justus is wearing a leg brace.

The third child, 10-year-old Athindra Kumar, remains in critical condition.

Police say James was killed trying to protect her children after being struck by a 58-year-old driver who accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brakes.

The Westside Mustangs is a youth association James used to take her kids to every day after school. Jasmin is the team’s cheerleader and Justus plays football.

"Jasmin was our cheerleader and Justus was a very tall 6 years old," said Westside Mustang director Susan Fernandez.

Mustang parents put up blue ribbons on every tree at Braden Aboud Park in honor of Kharisma James.

“When we addressed it with the parents here, you feel it not only for her loss but the great loss those two kids are going to feel," said Fernandez.

Freddy Klayel has been in contact with the parents of Athindra Kumar. He is a member of Shine On El Paso.

"Mr. Kumar just told me that his son suffered a perforated lung because he was caught in between two vehicles. He is on a ventilator right now on a breathing machine," said Klayel.

He said the Kumar family moved to El Paso from Singapore.

“They're going to have a really unfortunate first experience with the American medical system," said Klayel.

As all three kids continue to recover, friends and family say they will do their best to honor the memory of Kharisma.

“Great lady. If you didn't know her. You missed out," said Fernandez.

The Mustangs are holding a memorial for Kharisma James on Saturday from 9-12 p.m. at Braden Aboud Park.

As for Athindra Kumar, Shine on El Paso will be in charge of any donations to that family.

The El Paso Independent School District said 75 students sought counseling and 50 faculty, staff and parents did too.

The main concern of students were the condition and well-being of their classmates who were involved in the accident.

Parents were concerned about parent behavior at the drop-off and pickup areas.

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