Report: Trump administration plans to waive laws to continue building border barrier

Fence along the U.S./Mexico border in Santa Teresa, N.M. (Credit: KFOX14)

The Trump administration is pre-publishing a document that outline plans to waive laws to continue building the U.S. /Mexico border barrier.

The document is scheduled to be released on Thursday and it announces plans to continue turning the existing border fence across parts of Texas into a wall as well as creating new barriers, despite a lack of new funding from congress.

The Federal Register pre-published the document and it outlines plans to construct about 17 miles of a new barrier in Hidalgo County.

The document says the department will waive certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements in order to ensure construction of barriers and roads.

The notice is the second time this week that the Trump administration has announced plans to continue building the border wall.

On Tuesday, The Department of Homeland Security announced that it plans to waive environmental laws to build in Cameron County.

The border has seen an increase in traffic. In August, the number of undocumented immigrant families apprehended along the Mexico border spiked by nearly 40 percent than the month before.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection cannot give a timeline for the latest project or tell what it will look like.

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