Trial for Las Cruces neurologist continues with victim testimony

Las Cruces neurologist, Robert Woody, on trial. Jan, 10, 2017. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

The defense presented its witnesses Wednesday in the trial of a Las Cruces neurologist accused of fondling patients.

Earlier in the morning, the state called two of its witnesses to testify -- a Las Cruces detective assigned to the case and another accuser.

That witness said neurologist Robert Woody touched him during a physical exam.

He told jurors that Woody asked him to take off his shirt and then proceeded to touch him on the chest and genitals.

“As I sat down in this position of being on the table and on the edge, Dr. Woody came forward towards me and started examining the left temporal area, but on the same token, was caressing my chest and started asking me if I stroke it and play with it,” testified an accuser.

Another accuser said Woody touched his genitals and added that the doctor thrust himself toward the accuser's thighs as if trying to get aroused.

He's the fourth witness brought to this trial making accusations of inappropriate touching during physical exams.

The Las Cruces detective assigned to the case has taken the stand. He says that during his first interview with Woody, the neurologist admitted to having a more "intimate encounter" than a regular physical exam with one of his accusers.

The defense presented several of Woody's previous patients.

Among them was County Commissioner Vince Perez, who did not have negative things to say about Woody.

During cross-examination, Perez clarified he could only speak to his own experiences with the doctor.

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