Man accused of killing probation officer/girlfriend found guilty of aggravated assault

Investigators said David Zavala was driving drunk in 2014 when he crashed, killing probation officer Cynthia Mendoza. (Credit: CBS4/KFOX14)

After three hours of deliberation, an El Paso jury found David Zavala guilty of aggravated assault in the crash that killed a probation officer he was dating.

Investigators said Zavala was driving drunk in 2014 when he crashed, killing probation officer Cynthia Mendoza.

Prosecutors tried to convince the jury that Zavala was reckless when he crashed the truck.

Zavala's defense team told the jury the State of Texas should have stopped the relationship between Zavala and Mendoza before a tragedy like the crash happened.

Defense attorney's think the state should split the blame instead of asking the jury to fix the problem that they should have prevented.

The state says maybe they shouldn't have had a relationship, for the defense to say it's her fault is ridiculous.

The defense argued that Mendoza and Zavala's relationship does affect the case.

It said she's older, smarter and in a position of authority.

And that she tried to get him off probation early several times.

Earlier Wednesday, a probation officer testified that Mendoza was working at the correctional facility that Zavala was at in 2013.

In court on Wednesday, Judge Angie Barill was called to the stand.

She was one that put Zavala on deferred probation in 2011.

Barill testified that in 2013 Mendoza asked her to let Zavala be released early. At the time she said no, testifying he still had to complete some of his requirements.

Zavala would later be released, at the request from his attorney.

The jury also heard from Zavala's mother, Consuelo.

She talked about David Zavala's and Mendoza's relationship.

"We made her part of our family," said Consuelo Zavala.

The jury was shown pictures from family trips.

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