Traffic relief is coming to drivers in El Paso County

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Some relief could be on its way to drivers in east El Paso County.

El Paso County commissioners are working on several projects in far east El Paso, totaling $213 million, to widen and construct roads.

Folks we spoke with who live and work in the area said they’re ready for the change.

"Driving is, in the afternoon, is crazy,” said far east El Paso resident Camerino Gonzalez. "It's a lot of traffic."

Traffic jams and headaches – that’s how people in far east El Paso describe driving on that side of town.

"At around 5 o'clock, you know, it's rush hour and it's bad,” said El Paso resident Mallory Peters.

El Paso County commissioners want to do something to fix the problem.

"I've been living here 27 years ago, and ever since, it was quiet and nice,” said Gonzalez. “Now, it’s tough."

This week, commissioners approved a list of road projects to rebuild the infrastructure in fast-growing east El Paso.

"The people have moved over here to the east side,” said Gonzalez.

Folks we spoke with told us they’re tired of having to stay home or battle other drivers on the road.

Some of the projects will start later this year, such as widening and making Pellicano Drive a six lane divided roadway, and constructing a hike and bike facility in Tornillo.

The rest will be spread out to fiscal year 2041.

There are 12 projects on the list.

Far east El Paso drivers said they’re just hoping it all helps.

"It'll ease traffic,” said Gonzalez.

Commissioner Vince Perez’s office told us they haven’t secured funding for most of the projects they have in mind.

But they will seek state and federal grants.

They hope to have all 12 projects completed by 2045.

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