West El Paso travel taking longer with road projects underway

    (CREDIT: KFOX14)

    A major traffic jam from downtown to West El Paso is frustrating drivers around rush hour. Drivers are seeking alternate routes after TxDOT closed Paisano Drive for the next eight months and many routes are bumper to bumper.

    "It was horrible, horrible," Dora Martinez said. "I was on Mesita trying to turn left and the oncoming traffic from Glory Road was so bad with the big rigs."

    Yvonne Lopez works at UTEP. She said graduations add to the daily traffic.

    "It takes me about an hour and a half to get from work to home," Lopez said.

    Side streets like Murchison and Brown also became backed up Monday.

    El Paso police said people try to save time by cutting across parking lots. They said that move is illegal and drivers could receive a $145 ticket.

    Police also said it is important not to block intersections when the light is red and to move to the side of the road in the case of a minor crash.

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