Traffic jam deal initiative officially launches

Traffic along Mesa

TXDOT is teaming up with local businesses to help the traffic in El Paso caused by construction projects and crashes.

The plan: offering incentives to lure people into the stores and off the roads.

Businesses that use the new hashtag #epjam will be offering the deals.

The Hunan Palace, 3737 N. Mesa Street, is one of the restaurants hoping this plan brings in more customers.

"Three months ago it started jamming. People started not stopping because they're jammed so much in traffic, so they don't have a place to go in, so that's why we're inviting them," Alejandro Ramires, Hunan Palace server.

TXDOT said this is a new program and officials will be watching how it works.

Business that want to join can contact TXDOT El Paso.

So far, more than two dozen businesses have signed up.

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